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Your students don't have to be flexible to do yoga. But if you don't give people what they want, they will leave.

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Research shows that one of the top reasons why people start practicing yoga is to gain flexibility.

Research shows that one of the top reasons why people start practicing yoga is to gain flexibility. Yoga is so popular that if you talk to 100 people that are into some kind of physical activity, you will see that at least some of them have tried yoga or are currently practicing yoga.

Those who start yoga for the purpose of flexibility and divided into two groups one group who have achieved their flexibility goals and the other group who have not. Those who have not usually will be divided into two subgroups as well. Where some will continue practicing anyway without having achieved the results that they want which is flexibility. And the other group will say “I tried. It is not working. I am not going to keep doing it. Because while there's so many other benefits of yoga, I’m not getting flexible and that's the benefit that I want”.

This situation is frustrating for yoga teachers we do not want to lose students. Because, trying to explain to them that they are getting other benefits but they're not getting the benefit that they were seeking in the first place rarely works. It's like someone who came to a restaurant, ate a meal and when a restaurant owner asks if they enjoyed their meal the answer is “no, I didn’t like it, it did not taste good, I didn’t get what I came for.” Now if the restaurant owner says “Yes but there's so many other benefits to this meal. It's full of vitamins and minerals and essential amino acids and essential fatty acids, etc.,” A perplexed person will still say “Sure, but It doesn’t taste good, I did not enjoy my meal and I did not get what I paid for so I'm not coming back”.



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Students want what they want, and if they don’t get what they want they leave.

This is happening in other fields as well, not just yoga. Students want what they want, and if they don’t get what they want they leave. For example, in the past many Martial Arts many schools would not allow their students to spar until they got a good understanding and mastery of at least the basic techniques. However sometimes the students who came specifically for sparring would ask when they would be allowed to spar. The answer usually was when they would get a certain belt, or pass this promotion or that one. So students would leave and go to other schools that would let them spar only after practicing their kicks and punches briefly. In the end, to prevent such a huge student loss, instructors would cave in and give students what they want.

And while in the restaurant it's possible to put extra salt or spices or other ingredients into the food to make it taste better, so that the customers would be satisfied and continue coming back. And it’s possible to allow students to spar in Martial Arts schools to keep them. It is a completely different story for Yoga schools. If a yoga instructor is teaching pure yoga and students are not getting flexible, which is their desired intent, and the instructor cannot speed up the process of flexibility, students leave.

Give students what they want, and you will have high retention rates and happy students!

Success of the Zaichik Stretching System in the Yoga field, I personally believe, was primarily for this season. So many yoga instructors who have been certified in EasyFlexiiblity Method and use Zaichik Stretching Techniques either separately from yoga or very often intertwined into yoga, is for this reason, students want flexibility, teachers wants to keep their students, and thus giving them flexibility, allows them to keep their students.

In return it allows Yoga instructors to fulfill their mission of helping people. When students get more flexible doing yoga becomes that much more enjoyable. Which in turn allows the yoga instructor to help their students get the full benefits of what yoga has to offer.

I remember talking with a yoga school owner who actually found out about EasyFlexibility through one of the teachers that taught at that school. She said that people like it. So, they no longer teach traditional Yoga, they incorporate Zaichik Stretching Techniques into their Yoga routines which helps their students get more flexible and enjoy yoga much more.

When I heard that I jokingly said to him “You sold out, huh?” to which he replied “Yes, and proudly so. Students who want flexibility are happy and my student retention is through the roof. So, I’m happy”.

Many yoga instructors ask if EasyFlexibility can be compared to a type of Yoga. The answer is no. EasyFlexibility system is nothing like Yoga. It is purely flexibility focused training.

My primary goal of writing this article is to let Yoga instructors know that it is OKAY to give people what they want, even if it means incorporating various stretching modalities such as Zaichik Stretching Techniques into your yoga routines. When you give people what they want, you make them happy, and in turn they give you what you want and you are both happy.


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