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Flexibility Pearls — hip flexor

which front split is more challenging?

Posted by Paul Zaichik on

Most people would say that the hips squared front split is more challenging although some people would say that the open front split it more challenging. Of course everybody goes by their own personal experience and for most people the True Front Split would be more challenging but not for everyone. In my approximation about 8 out of 10 people who can do a True Front Split, can do an Open Front Split and if they can’t they can master it very quickly. On the other hand there's a lot of people who can do an Open Front Split and...

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The Final Turnout

Posted by EasyFlexibility Team on

 So by now you have tried the Turned Out Incline Plane (TIP) from here. Chances are you got cramps trying to hold a full turnout that we dealt with in the previous article. If not - Congratulations. You are ready for the next step of moving your foot partially off the blocks. We will talk to those of you who are ready for this in the next newsletter. But for now, let's answer the question presented yesterday. What were those antagonists that cause those cramps? We know that the muscles that cramped up are the extensors and lateral rotator of the...

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Glute Cramps in TIP

Posted by EasyFlexibility Team on

Have you tried the exercise? If not, look at last week's article here. How was it? Did you face any of these commonly occurring issues? The number one problem when doing a hip turnout properly through the hips is the same as in when doing the Turnout Incline Plane (TIP) on the Blocks: Cramping in the hips Most people assume that cramping is lack of strength. However, that is frequently not the case. Under normal conditions the given muscles are too strong to cramp, especially in dancers. More frequently, it's lack of flexibility. Here is why. Let’s take ourselves out of...

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