Stretching and Flexibility Combined With Strength Training For All – EasyFlexibility

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Stretching and Flexibility Combined With Strength Training For All – EasyFlexibility
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Got my flexibility back after many years!

Years ago I was flexible enough to get into a right side split. Those days are long gone. With these three videos I hope to achieve splits in all directions. So far, my seated open front stretch has improved. I can just about lay flat on the floor when bending from the waist. I've also gained about an inch in my right side split and anticipate great results

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"Immediately after I did the stretches my muscles actually felt warm and flexible. After that I went to the bag and did a Roundhouse kick. My kicks have never felt this good. Within 2 months I could split fully, so yeah it works!" - Dawid Bloom

I was developing a lot of complications by going to the gym and doing yoga. My tightness was getting worse, arm muscle pain developing, tendon issues. EasyFlexibility gave me the answer – I was hyperflexible and have been doing it all wrong. With EasyFlexibility my results were great. They have been extremely fast. ~ Jennifer Chiasson

"Since I’ve been doing easyflexibility I hardly ever feel pain anymore. I didn’t go to yoga for a while and my Yoga instructor was shocked because when I would do a seated straddle before I could barely lean forward at all, even as a kid doing gymnastics I couldn’t do it, and now I can put my forehead on the floor!” ~ Laura Orsinger

“I’m not at all flexible by nature. I had a hip replacement and couldn’t do a side split at all. When using EasyFlexibility I didn’t really feel like I was doing anything, I was not sweating. It was not tough. I could just do it and go back to my sofa 10 minutes later, but I could really see an improvement even though I didn’t feel like I did anything.” ~ Sandra Handgaard


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