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Paul Zaichik, is a World Renowned Fitness & Flexibility Expert. Founder of ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning, EasyFlexibility and the Zaichik Stretching Techniques.

His innovative method is designed to have maximum carry over into specific athletic techniques. Paul is the author of books and DVD’s on the topic of flexibility, martial arts and bodyweight training. Over the years, Paul Zaichik has worked with a variety of individuals including athletes, entertainers, and military personnel. His ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning programs are used world wide by both professional and amateurs with great success.

Zaichik Stretching Techniques (formerly known as Kinesiological Stretching Technique) is a Trademarked and Copywrited concept, developed through ElasticSteel research by Paul Zaichik. The techniques used are almost impossible to describe without showing, simply because there is nothing to compare them to. This type of Safe, Fast and Easy method of stretching has never existed before.

Zaichik Stretching Method is different
from anything you've ever tried before

it's designed to Isolate muscle actions one by one, to ensure they are doing their job.

This means that every single stretch is scientifically designed to target one muscle at a time, translating into a very safe and nourishing experience for your body.

Takes care of the ones that are tighter first.

Tight muscles translate into easy injuries. Unlike traditional stretching methods that focus on all muscle stretches at the same time, ZST allows you to focus on those muscles that are the underlying cause of slow progress and potential injury. Releasing tight muscles first allows for a much more enjoyable stretching session which will leave you feeling renewed, relaxed and refreshed and yet invigorated to tackle any task of the day.

Allows easier focus since you are working on one specific area at a time.

Instead of doing the same stretches over and over again with ZST method you will be able to strategically focus on a specific area of your body, which will allow muscle memory to kick in and help you achieve steady results.

You can do it all on your own! No pushing or bouncing is necessary, not even a partner.

This is freedom at it's finest, no longer will you need a partner or anything but your own body and the floor to get flexible fast. This means that you can do these very enjoyable stretches at the time that works for you. No need to go anywhere or spend tons of money on one-on-one stretching sessions that don't work. With ZST you acquire much more than freedom, you acquire the KEY to success!

GRACILIS Stretching ~Equilibrium~ System

Remember that phrase "No Pain - No Gain?"

Well, it doesn't apply to our method. Each stretch is designed to be Pain-FREE. Thereby eliminating discomfort to allow you to continue training to achieve faster results.

PSOAS Stretching ~Stability~ System

Totally safe, since it was designed according to what is natural for your body.

Paul Zaichik, a World Renowned Fitness & Flexibility expert has spent many decades perfecting the Zaichik Stretching Techniques. Having tested this method on himself, his family and thousands of people around the world the conclusion was evident, everyone achieved results without injuries, all of which is possible due to the succession of each element forming the ZST. Each technique responding to the natural movement of the body, transforming it from within.

Arabesque Tutorial Stretching Flexibility Dance Ballet Stretches

Gains are permanent and steady.

Unlike other stretching techniques ZST is designed to give you results that last. No longer will you need to start over every time you stretch. Utilizing muscle memory, your body will start from where it left off the last time you stretched, thereby working in unison with your mind and your desire to progress further. The endless struggle of mind vs matter will come to an end where your body will be in tune with your mind allowing for fast flexibility gains steadily helping you to attain your goals.

It is very enjoyable to do, and feels more like a workout.

If you're worried that you will not have enough time to squeeze in a full body workout, you will. With ZST method you're getting much more than just a stretching routine, you are also getting a strength training workout. Strengthening and stretching your muscles in one session is a win-win for your body, keeping it a lean, mean, strength and flexibility performing machine. Each ZST session will have you walk away refreshed, relaxed and yet invigorated ready for the most rigorous activity of the day.
Results are visible right away since the stretch reflex is avoided.

This only means one thing: You'll get to show off your flexibility in no time! After experiencing the Zaichik Stretching Techniques: "Watch out for my superhuman flexibility" will become your mantra.
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Got my flexibility back after many years!
I have been a professional dancer for over 10 years this DVD is now part of my training regimen I had an average turnout, but with use of this program, I have seen amazing results. My body is in correct alignment and my knees are not stressed out, because my turnout is coming from the hip. Thank you Easy Flexibility, it feels great to do a Grand Plie !! Mary Ellen Valenti
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