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Strength and Flexibility Training Programs
In our EasyFlexibility Gymnastics Programs the poses are broken up into muscle groups. Each muscle group is stretches using patented techniques. These techniques use action vs action of the same muscle. This application avoids the pain of the stretch reflex, allowing for much quicker and safer flexibility gains. Having lengthened each tissue by itself, the pose is put back together. Most people see amazing results just after the first time of trying this program.

But you are probably working hard already and not getting any better... Why!?

There's a saying "If you keep doing something wrong, no matter how many times you do it, you get good at exactly that, doing it wrong"... Which we dare say is exactly what YOU are doing.

So how can you improve your dancing skills? What can YOU do to be the next Star?
The answer is the Zaichik Stretching Technique (ZST), which will not only get you flexible, but strong so that you can hold any position that you wish and truly shine on stage.

Ready to get started?
Thousands of people worldwide have achieved the same results you're dreaming about and you can too!

Got my flexibility back after many years!
I have been a professional dancer for over 10 years this DVD is now part of my training regimen I had an average turnout, but with use of this program, I have seen amazing results. My body is in correct alignment and my knees are not stressed out, because my turnout is coming from the hip. Thank you Easy Flexibility, it feels great to do a Grand Plie !! Mary Ellen Valenti

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Gymnastics Tuck & Pike Position
Gymnastics Bow & Arrow 
Gymnastics Scorpion Skill
Gymnastics Front Lever Mastery
Gymnastics Middle Level Hamstrings
Gymnastics Bridge & BackBends
Gymnastics Hamstrings High Level
False Grip Training
Gymnastics Elbow Stand 
Gymnastics Chest Stand
Gymnastics True Front Split Combo 
Plus Handstand Mastery Program 
Gymnastics Combo 1
Gymnastics Combo 2
Gymnastics Combo 3 
Gymnastics Combo 4
Standing Side Splits
Standing Front Splits
Super Grand Dance Combo
Master Splits Combo
Flex All Full Body Combo

Super Splits Combo