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Gymnastics Bow and Arrow - Flexibility and Balance Program – EasyFlexibility

Gymnastics Bow and Arrow - Flexibility and Balance Program

Standing Side Split, Standing Open Front Split, I-Spin, Y-Spin in Figure Skating, Heel Stretch and Bow.

​Standing Side Split or a Standing Open Front Split is a technical terms for various sports and athletic activities. Where the skill is a side split or an open front split depends mainly on the rotation of the supporting leg. In the sport of Figure Skating this position is called the I-Spin or the Y-Spin. In Cheerleading it's named the Heel Stretch or Bow and Arrow for the Flyer. Other disciplines such as Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts and Gymnastics often employ this position.

​Athletes naturally choose an Open Front Split or the Side Split as the base for this technique. The choice usually depends on their ability to do one split or the other while on the ground. A standing Open Front Split can quickly be turned into a Standing Side Split, if the supporting leg turns out.

It is recommended to master at least one of the two splits mentioned above prior to working on the standing variation. Click here to purchase the Open Front Split Program. Click here to purchase the Side Split program.

Our standing split program combines kinesiological stretching techniques with other modalities. Those include extended length conditioning and reciprocal inhibition.

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