What's My Flexibility Level – EasyFlexibility

This is how you can determine your flexibility level so that you can start the right program:

  • If you are at less than 135º, or you haven't trained for long, or you'd like to set good flexibility and conditioning foundations, pick the Beginner level.
  • If you are at more than 135º but you haven't reached 180º yet, pick the Intermediate level.
  • If you've reached 180º and you'd like to learn oversplits and how to improve your strength for splits to be able to even do it standing or in a jump, pick the Advanced level.

Its easy to find your angle with our Stretch180 app.

The app is FREE and you can download it straight to your phone from your app store. You can also access this app online. Click here to learn more.

Once you know what your splits angle is you can then select the right program for you!
Now pick your program!
Now that you know what your level is, pick your program below
If you'd like to know about each of the programs in detail
Should you need further assistance please write to us at: info@easyflexibility.com

Side Splits Beginner
Side Splits Intermediate
Side Splits Advanced
Open Front Splits Beginners
Open Front Splits Intermediate
Open Front Splits Advanced
True Front Splits Beginners
True Front Splits Intermediate
True Front Splits Advanced
Side Splits Combo
True Front Splits Combo
Open Front Splits Combo
Beginner Splits Combo
Intermediate Splits Combo
Advanced Splits Combo
Master Splits Combo
Flex All Full Body Combo

Super Splits Combo
Super Grand Dance Combo