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Front Split Standing – EasyFlexibility

Front Split Standing

The Standing Front Split is a combination of 3 skills:
- The True Front Split 
- Hamstrings Flexibility
- Balance 

A true front split is a front split with torso squired to the front leg. Rear quadriceps are facing the floor and the hips are squired. This skill is a pre-requisite to the Standing Front Split.

Being able to do a True Front Split does not guarantee excellent hamstrings flexibility. The reason for that is because someone with medium hamstrings flexibility can still do the front split. Majority of range came steam from hip flexors of the rear leg and back extension. To master the Standing Front Split the student should be working on advanced hamstrings program first.

Balance is a third requirement. It's the easiest one to develop for most people. If the other two are met, balance can quickly be achieved.

​A Standing Front Split is most often a demonstration skill. It looks impressive. However it can do more than just help score high points in competition. Mastering this technique develops greater awareness of one's body. In addition it transfer wells into skills of sports like martial arts, gymnastics, dancing, pole dancing, yoga, figure skating, cheerleading, etc.

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