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Gymnastics - COMBO 2 – EasyFlexibility

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Gymnastics - COMBO 2

Gymnastics - COMBO 2

This package contains the following programs:

  • Side Split
  • True Front Split
  • Side Split Cold

Side Split Flexibility 

Gymnastics - COMBO 2

You’re probably familiar with the Side Split - the most well-known split-home configuration common for all Martial Arts, Dance Types, Gymnastics, Sports and Fitness routines. The true mark of flexibility, it is an ideal way to push the human body beyond the boundaries of its possibilities to achieve greater body control. 

True Front Split

Gymnastics - COMBO 2

While some people consider an Open Front Split more challenging, majority of the people who do the Open variation, have difficulty with this one. Virtualy all hip muscles are stretched, when the True Front Split is performed. The traditional method of working on this technique is to force the body down. In some schools the front leg is strained and then the rear leg. Our approach is different because we pick each joint action apart.

Side Split Cold

Gymnastics - COMBO 2

This program contains two components: regardless if you are looking for the first option (cold split without the warm up) or the second option (to transfer it into your chosen skills), this program covers both. This DVD covers all three of the requirement need for total and complete mastery over your split, taking beyond just a sitting straddle. 

Gymnastics - COMBO 2

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