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Flexibility Pearls — Hamstring Flexibility

Developpe Content

Posted by EasyFlexibility Team on

Does your leg feel heavy while doing a Developpe? Would you like to know how to solve this? Then take a look at the ZST technique called Content. The EasyFlexibility ZST is performed in two steps which repeat for a few reps: first extend your leg as if you were kicking up with your heel, allowing a very light stretch, and as you come back to the starting position bring your leg closer to your torso. You will notice that this actually comes naturally, and that you can get deeper and deeper with every rep. Remember to do both sides...

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Posted by Paul Zaichik on

When teaching hamstring flexibility techniques most Yoga teachers simply place the strap under the sole of the foot. And this is used in various positions such as sitting and supine. Strap under the sole of the foot works in Yoga but only under two conditions. Number one: The stretch is passive what is what most Yoga stretches are. Number two: The ankle is pretty tight. If the stretching technique is moving such as ZST’s are, there is a much higher chance that the strap will fly off. At the same time if the ankle is flexible the toes will be...

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Hamstrings tightness - Zaichik Stretching Technique

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If there was an exercise that could improve at least 4 of your dance techniques at once, would you like to learn it? If there was an easy and simple way to release the muscles in the back of your leg, would you add it to your routine? Here you are then! Doing just this one exercise will improve your: Attitude Devant Penche Side Tilt Developpe A la Seconde ... and practically every position where hamstrings are involved. This is a general Zaithik Stretching Technique that targets the hamstrings muscles. You have to practice it after a warm up and...

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