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Flexibility Pearls — pectineus

Differences between Pectineus ZST and Tensor fascia latae ZST

Posted by Paul Zaichik on

Pectineus ZST (Zaichik Stretching Technique) is often confused with the Tensor Fascia Latae ZST. The difference is not very subtle. It’s visible but amongst so many ZST’s in different positions of the body one has to understand why Tensor fascia latae ZST is different from Pectineus ZST. For reference in EasyFlexibility system Pectineus ZST is called Certainty, and Tensor fascia latae ZST is called Courage. Most muscles are flexors of the hip and for that reason there is a strong extension component, either in Target or in the Laverage. More often than not this component is used in the Target....

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