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Want Flexible Adductors?

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Of course you do. These guys are involved in almost everything. No Split can be performed without them. Very Few skills don't require adductors flexibility.
We have a very special technique for you, to help you stretch those bad boys faster.

To understand this technique you need to know the adductors

There are 4 of them. Well, 5. Depending on how you think about it. Here they are:

And if you want to get technical, Pectineus. It's a hip flexor technically, but does a very similar job to the adductors, so it's often included in the group.
These guys do many things, besides just pulling the thigh to the mid-line (adduct), thus they are involved in many movements (and can prevent many flexibility requiring skills).

But here's the kicker

Some of them are usually pretty well stretched, but some are rather tight. To separate the tight from the loose and focus just on the binding ones, we need the science of kinesiology and of course the Zaichik Stretching Techniques.

You see all the kicks, leg lifts, squats, lunges, turnouts and various other common movement flex the hip and leave the fibers that extend the hip pretty flexible.

However the fibers that flex the hip and thus are stretched in extended hip get tighter and tighter. Once we want to do a skill that requires their flexibility, issues begin.
Today you will see a system called ~Integrity~. It focuses on these "flexor adductors" in question. Also called the "upper adductors".
This system takes advantage of the fact that these guys flex the hip, so extending the hip creates the leverage for them. Since the extensor fibers are longer, having created space in the shorter upper adductors, the abduction (stretching of the adductor) takes places well, as the following target.
  • With glute and abdominal contraction driving the leverage,
  • and body weight driving the target deeper.
This is an excellent technique to quickly focus on the problem area and develop flexibility.
Note: Due to flexed knee Gracilis is not really targeted in this technique.
So far most traditional methods of stretching the adductors come from yoga. Exercises such as straddle and butterfly are common adductors stretching techniques. These exercise are helpful yoga postures. However they target many muscles at the same time. (A straddle targets at least 7, depending on how fibers are counted.) This presents a problem, when trying to develop flexibility fast. Anyone of those muscles can prevent a full stretch.

Zaichik stretching approach is different.

  • Each muscle is targeted individually. At the same time using an "action vs action " approach, the stretch reflex is avoided.
  • Avoiding the stretch reflex allows to eliminate the pain of stretching.
  • Moreover Zaichik stretching allows the practitioner to pinpoint the problem. In other words, if only one muscle is tight out of the group, all the athlete has to do, is focus on that muscle and release it.
Many people found that Zaichik stretching to do the trick for them. Allowing them to break through the wall, where traditional stretches have stopped working.

And lastly strength exercises are also included in this program

Those allow the muscles to get used to new range. This prevents injuries and helps to propagate flexibility a lot quicker.

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