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The Psoas Muscle

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Psoas - a lot has been said about this muscle. A deep hip flexor located in the center of the body. It is in close proximity to various organs. It is involved in various functions.

If you want a True (Squared) Front Split, you can't do it with tight psoas. Not going to happen. Many other techniques require a flexible Psoas. It's a rather tight and "hard to get to" muscle. But its flexibility is an absolute must.

But How do we stretch it?

Well... Ask a yoga or dance teacher how to stretch the psoas, and you may get something like this:

hip flexors lounge stretch yoga 

This is a typical stretch that stretches the flexors of the hip. But is this a true Psoas Stretch? To answer that question we have to check with the science of Kinesiology.

The stretch shown above simply places the hip into extension. This means all the flexors of the hip are stretched indiscriminatorily. All 10 of them. Yep...

There are 10 muscles that flex the hip, 11 if you really want to get into it

If you are interested here they are, 6 Hip Flexors (they are called hip flexors, so they must flex the hip):

And if we want to be very technical, the anterior fibers of Gluteus Medius.

So you are stretching 11 muscles in that stretch! If ANYONE of them is tigher than the Psoas in that position, You are NOT getting the Psoas.

You see the dillema? There are 11 doors. Psoas maybe door 3 or 5 or 10. And you can't even get past door 1 or 2.

Zaichik Stretching Techniques have an answer

You see, no two muscles do the same thing. Psoas does something no other muscle do:

  • It Flexes the hip
  • Adducts the hip
  • Laterally Rotates the Hip
  • Laterally flexes the lumbar spine.

No other muscle does that. Its close relative Iliacus does not even do that. It does everything Psoas Does, except for the lateral flexion of the spine. This allows us to separate the Psoas out.

Of course Zaichik Stretching Techniques is a lot more than just using the science of Kinesiology to target an individual muscle, as you see on the video. But that will be addressed in the upcoming articles.

Let us show you how you can dramatically improve your Hip Flexors Strenght & Flexibility, 
steadily, safely, painlessly and quickly with the use of the ZST.

Our programs are scientifically based and created by 
 world-renowned fitness & flexibility expert Paul Zaichik

This program focuses on general anatomic hip extension flexibility

This means the movement of the hip in purely sagital plane. No actions in coronal or transverse plane take place. Each of the hip flexors is adressed separately together with other muscle groups, which can restrict hip extension.
Not all hip flexors and their synergists need to be targeted the same way for every possible technique or sport. Some skills require rotation, horizontal abduction or horizontal adduction together with extension. This program targets all of them as a general hip flexors routine.

One of the large problem with mainstream stretching techniques is that, if you can't stretch, you don't know what is holding you back. In terms of the hip flexors, it can be:

  • Sartorius,
  • Rectus Femoris,
  • Tensor Fasciae Lata,
  • Pectineus,
  • Psoas or Iliacus.
  • It can also be upper Adductors or even Gluteus Minimus. If one is tight, the rest will not move.
Zaichik Stretches allow you to get each one by itself and lengthen much faster, once you know where the problem is.

Click here to learn more about our Hip Flexors Strength & Flexibility program!

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