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Two Exercises for a Great Penche – EasyFlexibility

Two Exercises for a Great Penche

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Penche is one of the most beautiful of elements in Dance and for many dancers it's also one of the most difficult ones. Penche's level of difficulty comes from the fact that on the top of all the requirements of the Arabesque, the strength and flexibility of the standing leg is also a factor. The balance factor also increases the challenge of this element.
Would you like to get a Penche like Misty's? Practice the two EasyFlexibility exercises in the video.
- The first exercise will automatically increase your range of motion.
- The second exercise will strengthen your newly gained flexibility, making those gains permanent.
Both exercises together one after the other for 2 to 5 sets will gradually improve your Penche. Add them to your routine and reap the results!
It's a good idea to take a picture when you start and every 2 weeks to keep track of your progress and motivate yourself.
Standard Penche training involves passive stretches using the bar and active attempts to hold this position. While this method works for some, it take a very long time to master.
Instead of relaxed stretches, which simply try to wait out the painful stretch reflex, kinesiological stretching techniques take a different approach.
Each of the muscles preventing hip extension, hip lateral rotation, supporting leg flexion and back extension flexibility is taken apart.
ZST's "action vs action" is applied to each muscle individually. This allows to avoid the standard discomfort of stretching and go much further into each muscle, achieving painless, quick results.
The EasyFlexibility Penche routine contains four levels or steps. Each step allows the body to progress quickly in manageble increments, till full Penche is mastered.

Start making your Penche beautiful with this program today...

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  • In part of these case of excersises is very important for ballet dancers, so in my case I stil working in to do splits, little by little I work them, and try to do to coming more down when I try to work, and I perform a warm up before begining to perform this type of exercises that you explain in itself and I have been several months and if I have taken a step forward … in advance I thank you that I have had support from my own dance teachers help and explain to me, cordial greetings from Cancun, Mexico. Mr. Ulises Pacheco Sánchez.

    Ulises Sánchez pacheco on

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