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Full Split with just one stretch? – EasyFlexibility

Full Split with just one stretch?

Posted by Paul Zaichik on

Full Split with just one stretch?

See if you can do it.
In EasyFlexibility System Equilibrium Lengthens the Gracilis.
Gracilis is one of the 4 adductors. What makes it unique is the fact that it crosses the knee.
For some people it’s the only muscle that stands in a way of a full straddle.
Just stretch it using Equilibrium and you have a side split.
To see the technique in action and to try it for yourself watch the following video:
The people who are candidates to this short pathway to a middle split are those who already have flexible other muscles needed. (Short adductors, pectineus and middle hamstrings)
Hamstrings don’t have to be very flexible for a straddle. if you can touch your toes, you are good to go.
The other muscles are tested with a frog. If you can do a full prone frog, but can’t do a box split, all you need is Equilibrium.

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