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How to become patient enough to enjoy the stretching progress and not get injured.

Posted by Paul Zaichik on

How to become patient enough to enjoy the stretching progress and not get injured.

This article is a bit unusual, because it deals with patience. I will actually tell you what to do, this is not self help speech. I am writing this article because a question of patience came up quite a few times.
Here is an example of what I mean. A friend of mine always wanted to get a split. Always kept putting this goal aside. Finally he began training.

One day he messaged me. “Paul, I did something stupid”. What he did was, when he was just few inches from full split, he decided to “go for it”. The smart way would have been to do more rounds and see where it would end up.
he tried to put his whole body weight and press down. It did not work. So he
lifted a bit and began bouncing up and down. He did get down. His thighs did
touch the ground. But the next day, he felt sharp pain when getting up.

On my advice he did not stretch till the pain was completely gone. That took 6 weeks, and various remedies both internally and externally.
When he tried again he was set back a lot. So when I asked him why he did that, against better judgment. He said that he was frustrated. He was getting results, but very slow and that was “getting on his nerves”. (In my opinion for a 53 year old out of shape man, who never was able to do a split before, to get that close to the split was pretty good, but…)
He asked if I can recommend anything for him not do it again. Yes, he was worried that he would do it again. Here is a funny part. (He just came out of an injury, he just had a set back and now he may do it again???)
You see, I understand this. Many people may not, but I do. It’s simpler than you may think. If people did not do what they know is not good for them, we would have a different world. No drugs, no drinking, gambling, road rage, etc, etc. Yet people do what they know is not good for them. Even if they experienced the repercussions.
So what are the options?

1. Pshycho-therapy.
2. Hypnotherapy
3. Liver cleans (liver issue show up as impatience among others)

OR take something.
The easiest and simplest thing to take is Bach remedy called Impatient. There many other options, but this one is very simple and have helped many people including my friend. He also noticed that he is more patient with family members, costumers and coworkers.
In this contest however, if you want to accept the rate of your progress and enjoy the journey or prevent yourself from “doing something stupid”. Impatient maybe a remedy for you.

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  • Maybe you should have asked your friend to watch how they sometimes do demolition. You know tearing down wall, sometimes even a house. You know that bouncing. Exactly how to tear out a stubborn wall. Yank it back and forth until it breaks. Or you might hit it with a sledge one way, then the other. Very effective at breaking things. The studs are the bones, the nails the ligaments and tendons. See the connection. Your article is spot on. Patience alone though need something else to complete it. Wisdom, knowledge and experience. That will help to reduce the temptation to exceed your limit. Maybe a little talk about the signs that your are at or reaching your CURRENT limit of stretching and the potential consequences; Pain and soreness, therapy and/or surgery not to mention a delay in reaching that wonderful goal.

    Chris on

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