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Troubleshoot Your Butterfly Stretch – EasyFlexibility

Troubleshoot Your Butterfly Stretch

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Recently we discussed the applications of Zaichik Stretching Principles to the Butterfly Stretch. (If you missed the article click here to read it).

We received numerous replies from people who tried the techniques and were happy to see their Butterfly get deeper, even after just a few attempts.

As happy as we were to hear that, we also expected some people not to improve and in fact several people did contact us about that. They said that they did not feel or see any difference when performing the exercise in the video we sent a few days ago.

In this article, we will explain why that is and what can be done to improve the technique.

We mentioned from the beginning that the Butterfly Stretch is not a true ZST, but an application of ZST. This means that there is a possible dependence on another part of the body. In order to apply Target and Leverage to the Butterfly, one needs to have a mobile lower back.

  • The Leverage is the hyperextension of the lower spine, also called an anterior pelvic tilt. During this action, the tail bone points back, and the top of the pelvic bowl moves forward.

If you lack this movement, you will not be able to create space with the Leverage. Therefore, the Target will have no space to move into.

Fortunately, we have many techniques for developing great back hyperextension flexibility. The Cobra Stretch is just one great way to develop increased back mobility.

easyflexibility kinesiological stretching cobra pose back mobility butterfly

Thousands of dancers, gymnasts, yogis, aerialists, and more have greatly improved their back flexibility using our techniques. These technique are found in the following programs below. Try the one that resonates with you the most.

However, to test the Butterfly Stretch, you can simply warm up and activate your back right now with a Cat/Cow sequence. Do 3 sets of 10, rounding your back down and arching your spine upward. Then try the ZST again when applied to the Butterfly Stretch. You will be pleasantly surprise at the effect.

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What's impeding your back flexibility

The main problem with stretching these muscles is the fact that they perform many actions and are well positioned to restrict the extension of the spinal column. On top of that, most people overtrain these muscle groups, leading to tightness, poor posture, and sometimes even back pain.

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