EasyFlexibility Certified Instructor Jessica-Lee

EasyFlexibility Certified Instructor Jessica-Lee

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Certified Instructor: Jessica-Lee

My name is Jessica-Lee, I am 26 years old and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I had a background in Gym, Power Lifting, and general Fitness. After COVID, I transitioned over to Pole Tricks and Aerial Silks, Pole Dance, and Exo-Dance. I am currently the Head Instructor for The Pole Room in Australia!

I have completed the EasySplits Training Certification Course. This Certificate has provided a fantastic foundation for me to teach both strength and flexibility to my students.
I didn't take an interest in flexibility training until my mid 20's when I saw my students struggling with tricks due to flexibility, and holding static stretches for long periods of time with no results. There had to be another way!

I had been searching for quite some time for a Certified flexibility training course that could teach me the skills I needed in line with my fitness certifications. I came across the EasyFlexibility Zaichik Stretching Techniques training techniques online and followed them for a few months, before deciding to take the plunge after seeing great results.

My goal of gaining the EasyFlexibility Certification was to help my students in their flexibility journey in a less painful and more intentional way. So many trainers in the industry are holding static stretches to increase flexibility, and I have seen too many injured students that I wanted to change that.

I am going to be using my EasyFlexibility education to continue training myself, my clients and other athletes in their flexibility journey.
I am currently the Head instructor for The Pole Room in Melbourne Victoria, with a focus on group classes, and private trick training. I teach a range of students ranged 18-70 years old who need flexibility and active flexibility to gain their new trick goals and their personal goals.
Contact Information
Email: jessTBTfit@gmail.com
Instagram: whatnowjess_

If you want to be promoted as a certified instructor write to us at info@easyflexibility.com

Want to get certified? Find out more about our certification programs:

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