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Yoga EasyFlexibility Adductor Magnus Stretch

Yoga EasyFlexibility Adductor Magnus Stretch

Posted by Daniel Tkach on

1- Start as deep as you can.

2- Lift your heel without moving your trunk.

3- As you lower your heel lower your trunk, chest goes closer to the floor, thus stretching the adductor magnus muscle.

And then step 3 becomes your new starting position! Keep going with the exercise to go deeper and deeper into the stretch.
*** BENEFITS*** improves splits, samakonasana, hanumanasana, kurmasana, visvamitrasana, any posture where adductors must be flexible!.

This is an EasyFlexibility Stretch that will work primarily on adductor magnus. Rarely anyone knows how to isolate it. If tight, it can prevent many other muscles to be stretched, and that's why standard methods would just not work. EasyFlexibility takes care of that by 1- Isolating the muscles and 2- Working with all their actions. Try this stretch and tell us how it feels. CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY ROUTINE! 

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