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Massage, Posture and Pain Management

Algo que diga que esto es una falacia
These are the most important programs you can work on if your stretches hurt, or if your body hurts in general when you are doing the exercises or your daily chores and your doctor said "there is nothing wrong". This is important, consult with your doctor before engaging in any of these or other programs.
Stop wasting time and money on useless medication and procedures, and do yourself a favor. We value your health and well-being just as much as you should!
This program is for people from all walks of life, whether you are practicing a sport or dance or you just need help with your hands.
A flexibility in cervical spine is often neglected in modern stretching routines. The importance of neck flexibility for health can be implied simply by looking at the large number of yoga postures which involve the top 7 vertebrae. From Plow to Fish, from Rabbit to Camel. Aside from athletic activities flexible neck helps to prevent headache, upper back, arm and hands pain.
In this routine 4 primary directions are trained through the use of Zaichik Stretching techniques:

​1.The flexion of the neck or movement of the head forward and down.
2.The extension of the cervical spine or bring the head back.
3.Lateral Flexion of the neck or stretching the neck side way, by bring the ear to the shoulder.
4.Rotation Of the neck or turning the head to either side.
Knee Injury Management addresses the cause of your injury and teaches you how to prevent it from happening.
A knee injury is a very common injury among Dancers and Gymnasts. Most of them injure themselves for one or more of the following reasons:
Weakness in the muscles due to inadequate or incorrect conditioning required for a specific technique.
Lack of flexibility in the muscles that move the knee or neighboring joints.
Lack of activation of the muscles that move the knee or neighboring joints.

Learn how to get rid of knee pain, understand why your knee injury happened and prevent future injuries.
Massaging and releasing using pressure has been known as the flexibility tool for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest methods of healing. It is also the best kept secret.
Our program gives a complete follow along routine to release every muscle in the upper body. This ensures full stretching capacity and decrease chance of injury due to overcompensation of one muscle group for another.
Multiple independent studies on athletes and rehab clients have shown the benefits of massage. All participants who have applied pressure on target muscles, were able to increase their range of motion further, than those who stretched without the massage and release.
Having a perfect posture is one of those things that everyone talks about, yet very few know how to get. Often general terms like "Do more Yoga", or "Take Pilates Class" come to mind. The problem? Too many exercises and non are specific enough to improve the way a person bears his or her body.
We fix this issue by focusing on all aspects of poor posture. Head thrown back, chin stuck forward, upper and middle back form a convex ball, arm rotated in, scapulas protracted, etc.
It’s a widely-known fact that incorrect posture leads to back pain, shoulder strain and neck discomfort. It can even limit movement. That’s when most people turn to chiropractors and health routines to minimize their pain. But if you go on a program now, you can save yourself all of the adverse effects before they’ve even happened.

An added bonus of this program is that women, who routinely exercise their pelvic floor, enjoy a faster, easier birthing process.
Posterior Pelvic Tilt is often called the "No Butt Symptom". Having no butt not only takes away from how one's figure looks, but also puts undue stress on the lower back. During normal activities, such as squatting, lifting and bending over, the lower back looses it's curve. This is dangerous for people with normal curve, and it's extremely dangerous for people with flat backs. Having a concave lower curve allows for caution, when it flatten.
Fortunately our program has done very well adding the curve and allow the butt to appear. Zaichik Stretching techniques lengthen the tight tissues, while proprietary posture awareness techniques strengthen muscles which bring out the lower back curve.
Hip Turn Out or Lateral Hip Rotation is the flexibility requirement in the internal rotator of the hip. First Position through Fifth Position as well as countless other dance techniques acquire grace with the ability to comfortably turn out the hip.
The routine is designed to safely effective increase the turnout using proprietary Zaichik Stretching techniques, combined with specific strength memory techniques for comfortable 180 turnout. Start training with your turnout program today and take your skills to the new level.
Extended Length Conditioning are a special exercise group. They take a muscle or a synergetic group of muscles and strengthen them through full range of motion. ELC exercises are not stretches, but they are flexibility’s best friend. Unlike regular strength exercises, which work in the normal range, ELC connect the "normal" with the "new", deep range.
Extended Length Conditioning exercises have helped many people to stay safe, maintain their flexibility gains, and develop flexibility faster than before. Sometimes even one session is enough to see the results of these techniques.
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