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We all know a thing or two about the dreaded Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The shooting pains and the partial paralysis, rendering you incapable to complete even the simplest tasks.
Then there's the endless number of doctor's appointment, visits to the chiropractor, massage parlor and a number of other medical alternatives - all with little to no results whatsoever.
And when the pain becomes unbearable - some people even start considering surgery. Yes, it can really be that bad! But what if we told you there was a way around that, and one that really works?
That's right - our signature program built entirely on Zaichik Stretching Techniques - targets the problem at its core and eliminates it for good. Combining a consistent and comprehensive approach in applying to a variety of exercises, the problem is located, isolated and taken care of. Most people report reduced pain and discomfort only after a few short sessions!
Here is a sample of what the program includes. Check it out and start experiencing improvements!
Stop wasting time and money on useless medication and procedures, and do yourself a favor. We value your health and well-being just as much as you should!

This program is for people from all walks of life, whether you are practicing a sport or dance or you just need help with your hands.

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Neck & Cervical Flexibility
This program contains:
4 primary directions are trained through the use of Zaichik Stretching techniques:
  • ​The flexion of the neck or movement of the head forward and down.
  • The extension of the cervical spine or bring the head back.
  • Lateral flexion of the neck or stretching the neck side way, by bring the ear to the shoulder.
  • Rotation of the neck or turning the head to either side.
​Unlike the standard passive neck stretches, EasyFlexibility stretches (aka ZST) focus on each of the muscles that restrict the movement individually.
Each muscle is isolated and various actions are used against each other to create length. This allows to avoid the pain of the stretch reflex and speed up flexibility gains.
Flex All Full Body Combo
This package contains 13 programs:
Back Extension Beginner
Back Extension Intermediate
Hip Flexor Beginner/Intermediate
Hip Flexor Advanced
Side Bending Beginner
Side Bending Intermediate
Hamstrings Beginner
Hamstrings Intermediate
Hamstrings Advanced
Hamstrings Double Forward Bend
Overhead Shoulder Flexibility (flexion)
Adductors Flexibility
Glutes & Iliotibial Band

Full Body Flexibility Combo
This package contains 18 programs:
Hamstrings Beginner
Hamstrings Intermediate
Hamstrings Double Stretch
Hip Flexors 
Beginner/ Intermediate 
Hip Flexors Advanced
Adductors Flexibility
Glutes & Iliotibial Band
Internal Hip Rotation
Hip Turn Out
Overhead Shoulder Flexion
Shoulder Extension
Back Bending Beginner
Neck & Cervical Flexibility
Foot & Ankle Flexibility
Wrist & Forearm Flexibility
Side Bending Intermediate
Upper Body Massage
Lower Body Massage 

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Stop wasting time and money, risking your health, hitting plateaus,
wondering how to reach your goal instead of working towards it!

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