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Gift Combo for Dancers – EasyFlexibility
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All our physical DVDs in one Special discount package! 11 DVDs!

This is what the Holiday Gift Combo for Dancers contains:

Do any of these scenarios apply to you?

  • You feel you can do much better than what you are doing now. Get the Ballet Flexibility Training Combo, train by yourself and stand out in class!
  • Are you a mother to a little young dancer? Give her the best so she reaches her full potential!
  • Are you a dance studio owner? Increase retention rate by providing unique, novel and very effective training techniques!
  • You haven't danced for some time and you'd love to return? You have found a wonderful way of getting more prepared than ever!
  • You never took ballet classes but you love to dance and would like to learn more at the comfort of your home. The Ballet Combo will help you learn more about your body.

These VIDEO PROGRAMS will help achieve this and much more, simply by following along the routines and adding the EasyFlexibility stretches to your repertoire.

This is what you will get...






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#7- Side Tilt Kick

To perform this technique correctly one needs good flexibility in adductors and hamstrings. Lateral core and hip flexor, as well as abductors control will allow the movement to look graceful. 

The purpose of this routine is to develop the above stated abilities so that the kick can be lifted slowly with control and for the icing on the cake held at the full split extended position. Our program relies on Zaichik Stretching and reciprocal inhibition. The former takes each involved joint apart into individual muscles and uses their actions against each other to lengthen the fibers with the pain of the stretch reflex. The later, trains the muscles to contract in the needed ranges, while allowing the supporting muscles to relax and move deep into needed positions.

#8 - True Front Split

A $39.95 value, this 40 minutes long video contains specific warm up and conditioning exercises for the True Frot Split, the necessary Zaichik Stretching exercises to target the muscles involved in a True Front Split as well as a cool down section. This is a great place to start before attempting the usually more demanding open front and side splits. You will learn how to isolate and stretch outer hamstrings and hip flexors muscles.

#9 - Open Front Split

The Open Front Split Training Program, a $39.99 value, is a 40 minutes long video containing specific warm up and conditioning exercises for the Open Front Split, the necessary Zaichik Stretching exercises to target the muscles involved as well as a cool down section. This is what links the true front split with the side split, since it focuses on adductors, hip external rotation and inner hamstrings.

#10 - Side Split 

Here we go, the Side Split Training Program, a $39.95 value, is a 25 minutes long video containing specific warm up and conditioning exercises for the Side Split and all its variations, the necessary Zaichik Stretching exercises to target the muscles involved as well as a cool down section. This is usually trained last, after you achieved flat front splits using the other two programs, so this is more of a rounding off for what you are missing in order to get a full side split, mostly additional adductors work and very targeted side split exercises which will give you that extra you need for this more demanding split.

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#11 - Hip Flexors Strength & Flexibility

This program focuses on general anatomic hip extension flexibility

This means the movement of the hip in purely sagital plane. No actions in coronal or transverse plane take place. Each of the hip flexors is adressed separately together with other muscle groups, which can restrict hip extension.

For many people the use of this program is its patented Zaichik Streching techniques and their difference from standard stretches. One of the large problem with mainstream stretching techniques is that, if you can't stretch, you don't know what is holding you back. In terms of the hip flexors, it can be:

  • Sartorius,
  • Rectus Femoris,
  • Tensor Fasciae Lata,
  • Pectineus,
  • Psoas or Illiacus.
  • It can also be upper Adductors or even Gluteus Minimus. If one is tight, the rest will not move.

Zaichik Stretches allow you to get each one by itself and lengthen much faster, once you know where the problem is.

However Zaichik Stretching is much more than just isolation positions. The beauty of the techniques is the ability to avoid the pain (sometimes bad enough to prevent progress) or the stretch reflex. EasyFlexibility concepts allow for the muscle to be moved from a number of its distinct actions, each creating a space in the muscle, allowing the other action to move deeper into the stretch.

The only way to experience Zaichik Stretching techniques is to actually try them and watch the results. 

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