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Foot and Ankle Flexibility for Ballet

Foot and Ankle Flexibility for Ballet

Flexibility of the lower leg is often overlooked. Most athletes don't go much past the standard calve stretches. Dance and ballet schools go deeper and include various foot, ankle, and toes exercises and also front of the lower leg stretches.

In reality any athlete can become more mobile and agile with increased flexibility of the lower leg muscles and joints. While this applies mostly to skills, which involve ground reaction forces, others can benefit as well. For example martial artists with foot position for kicks (plantar flexion for the roundhouse kick or dorsi flexion for the side kick), dance foot position (dorsi flexion in plie and plantar flexion in pointe), etc. 

Many power lifters, olympic lifters and bodybuilders are able to get deeper into the squats and with proper form, as the results of better ankle flexibility.
Like all the other kinesiological stretching programs, the foot and ankle flexibility program takes each movement apart into the participating muscles. There are various muscles that points the toes and pulls them in. Each one is worked on individually. Using the principles of action vs action stretches for the same muscle groups, the pain of stretch reflex is avoided. This allows for faster flexibility gains. Together with the stretching exercises, the strengthening exercises protect the joints and allow long term flexibility retention. Most of the people trying this program see results during the first week.

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