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Surfing Stretching Flexibility Training – EasyFlexibility
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Duration: 53 minutes.

Surfing is one of the sports, where balance is everything. The surfers body must bend in every possible direction to stay over the board. The easier the surfer can flex and twist, the more control he has over his position on the board.      

An interesting observation is made when comparing various people who take up surfing. It's a given that flexible individuals master the skills much faster and with greater ease.  

Almost all the surfers know the importance of flexibility on their skills. Most of that flexibility is concentrated in ankles, hips and core. Once you are riding a wave, if you can't bend enough to stay in balance, you will be or the board and in the water in a heartbeat. For this reason many of the surfers try to stretch the best they can.    

Standard stretching methods involve relaxed stretches. Those work very slowly. At the same time, they slow down how speed of muscle contractions. Our program uses Zaichik Stretching techniques. Each muscle is stretched invaluably and the pain of stretch reflex is avoided. This allows for fast flexibility gain.    

To top that off the program contains specific strength exercises for surfers. These techniques train the body to bend, flex and twist in exactly the same way as one would on the board. Through combining strength exercise with flexibility exercises, the body is able to retain the flexibility and use properly one the surfer stands up on the board.    

Surfers who used this program just for few sessions, reported feeling improved balance and better control over their bodies.    

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