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Bodybuilding Beginner- COMBO – EasyFlexibility
Bodybuilding Beginner- COMBO

Bodybuilding Beginner- COMBO

This package contains the following programs:

  • Shoulder Flexion
  • Shoulder Extension
  • Squat

Shoulder Extension Flexibility

Lacking shoulder extension ability in the shoulder joint often transfers into the upper back and neck, as well as into the scapula and clavicle. As the results injuries to those structures are common A common way to obtain shoulder flexibility is to try to clasp the hands behind you, put against static object or have a friend forcefully pull the arms. Those methods take a long time to work, and are rather dangerous. ​ This program utilizes the kinesilogical stretching techniques to focus on various actions in the shoulder extension to quickly and effortlessly increase range of motion

Overhead Shoulder Flexibility (Shoulder Flexion)

Since a downward arm movement is very powerful, many muscles work in various ranges. They all need to be stretched properly. Majority of athletes try to get the overhead movement by pulling the arm overhead or worst behind the head, as hard as they can. This is rather painful and more often than not causes chronic inflammation in various tissues, including biceps tendon and suprispinatus tendon. Our proven program isolates each muscle of the shoulder joint and of the shoulder girdle. Every muscle action is used against it's own action to quickly create space. The whole procedure is fast and free of stretch reflex pain

How to Master The Squat
In this DVD you will learn everything that you need in order to get your perfect deep squat. We have created a program to address each one of those issues. Majority of people using this program, squat down deeper with improved form as fast as the first session


PLEASE NOTE: This program is available in MP4 digital file only which plays on most computers and electronic devices. This particular program is not available as a DVD. The good news is that If you ever lose your digital files, say your computer crashes or you simply cannot locate them on your computer, you can always download them again! Even if your access expires, simply send us an email with your order # and we will reactive the download links for you within 24 hours, no questions asked! It's that simple! 

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