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Is there another way to stretch medial hamstrings?

Posted by Paul Zaichik on

"Is there another way to stretch medial hamstrings?"

- Sophia at our customer support group asked.
Is there a way to target medial hamstrings, besides a ZST (Zaichik Stretching Technique) called, ~Content~.
For those of you not familiar with ~Content~, it’s often called ~Peace~ on the side. The target and leverage are same as ~Peace~, except for the leg is abducted. Same technique, but its position focuses on medial hamstrings.
Sophia wanted to know if there is another technique to target the same muscles. (Medial Hamstrings is semitendinosus and semimembranosus)
The two inner hamstrings heads do the same thing. They flex the knee, extend the hip, medially rotate the hip, adduct the hip from stretched position and medially rotate flexed knee.

~Content~ looks like the picture of de left. (This is a dynamic exercise where you extend your knee alternating with hip flexion and extension. More on this exercise on our YouTube channel!)
~Jubilance~ is another technique focusing on the medial hamstrings. This technique uses lateral rotation as leverage (because the muscles targeted are medial rotators). Dues to control required over the hip turnout, it’s often used by people who have that already developed, such as ballet dancers.

~Jubilance~ looks like this. Video here, just explaining it.

So that’s another way of targeting the medial hamstrings

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