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Flexibility vs Pliability

Posted by EasyFlexibility Team on

Could you been thinking that you are lacking flexibility, but have been lacking pliability all along? Well, what is the difference?

In short, Flexibility to Speed is Pliability to Acceleration. The former measures how flexible you are at any given time, the later measures how fast you become flexible.

Can two people have the same flexibility, but different pliability?

You betcha! If two people can't do a split when cold, but can do a split when warm, they both have the same flexibility. (Assuming they start at the same number of degrees and end at the same number -180°)
  • However, if takes 5 minutes and the other 10 minutes to get that full split, the faster person is more pliable.
There are many advantages to pliability. The video below lists some of them, as well as summarizes the concept. Just keep in mind all other factors being equal, the more pliable athlete always has an advantage!

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  • Hello, Lenora!
    Of course you can get more pliability. It’s all about training, but in this case you may not be warming correctly, thus, your body doesn’t retain it’s flexibility.
    - You might want to read this article https://www.easyflexibility.com/blogs/cheerleading-flexibility-pearls/flexibility-keeping-what-you-earned
    - Here are a couple of videos that might help you as well.

    You can also speak to our chat reps Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm EST for a customized recommendation!

    EasyFlexibility on
  • I have this problem! I do yoga and adult gymnatsic strength training/calisthenics. I am so flexible when I’m warm. I can go into front splits with my back leg bent on the wall, in middle splits I’m so close to 180 degrees but I have to be real warm and stretch a while first. It’s so frustrating because I always feel like I’m starting over each day. Oh and put me in a hot yoga class and everything happens quicker. When I’m warmed up in a hot class I feel like I can just fall into poses but this is never the case in room temperature. Mostly I’m frustrated with my middle splits and feeling like I have to start from square one everytime. I blame it on my age. I’m 39. But maybe I’m lacking something I. My training. Can someone my age get more pliable?

    Lenora Henderson on

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