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Penche - Anatomy – EasyFlexibility

Penche - Anatomy

Posted by EasyFlexibility Team on

Penche is one of the most beautiful of elements in Ballet/ Dance and for many dancers it's also one of the most difficult ones. Penche's level of difficulty comes from the fact that on the top of all the requirements of the Arabesque, the strength and flexibility of the standing leg is also a factor. Balance factor also increases the challenge of this element.

Watch The Anatomical Muscle Animation of Penche

Standard Penche training involves passive stretches using the bar and active attempts to hold this position. While this method works for some, it take a very long time to master.
Instead of relaxed stretches, which simply try to wait out the painful stretch reflex, kinesiological stretching techniques take different approach.
Each of the muscles preventing hip extension, hip lateral rotation, supporting leg flexion and back extension flexibility is taken apart.
Action vs action is applied to each muscle individually. This allows to avoid the standard discomfort of stretching and go much further into each muscle, achieving painless, quick results.

Penche routine contains four steps. Each step allows the body to progress quickly in manageble increments, till full Penche is mastered.

Start working your beautiful Penche today with this program.

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