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Twist Kick

The Twist kick is martial arts kick resembling a front kick. The main difference is that the hip is turned out. This allows for the target to be outside instead of in front. This kick is common to Korean styles, such as Taekwondo and Hapkido. Lately it has been adopted by other martial arts and competition styles, such as American Sport Karate and Point Fighting.

The point of this kick is to strike an opponent, who is normally outside of the striking line. This kicks can score a lot of points if used correctly. In the arsenal of an experience fighter, Twist kick can do a lot of damage.
The majority of the people attempting this kick, lack both the strength and the flexibility to do it correctly. These are some of the common compensation seen. (Most of which can lead to injuries.)

  • Dropping the torso back (Damage to lumbar spine) 
  • Lifting the kicking side of the pelvis(Damage to the supporting hip) 
  • Going up on toes (Damage to knee structures of the supporting leg)
  • In addition to the compensation above, Sartorious is often strained, especially at it's distal attachment. 

Most of the instructors don't prepare for this kick, simple because lack of information is available. In our program we focus on both strength and flexibility, as they play off each other. Zaichik Stretching techniques take care of the flexibility component. Reciprocal Inhibition and short range work, develops the strength to do the kick safely and correctly. ​

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