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Martial Arts- COMBO 2 – EasyFlexibility
Martial Arts- COMBO 2

This package contains the following programs:

  • Shoulder Flexion
  • Shoulder Extension
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Wrist Flexibility

Shoulder Extension Flexibility

Shoulder Extension means to be able to bring your arms behind your body. Often people confuse the shoulder flexion and shoulder extension. Dropping down into a narrow elbow dips is a shoulder extension, so is chambering the hand on the ribs for a karate style punch.
Being able to bring the arms well behind
the body is valuable to many athletes. Those include combatants, such as wrestlers, grapplers, etc. Dancers and gymnasts need shoulder extension, as well softball players among others.
Lacking shoulder extension ability in the shoulder joint often transfers into the upper back and neck, as well as into the scapula and clavicle. As the results injuries to those structures are common
A common way to obtain shoulder flexibility is to try to clasp the hands behind you, put against static object or have a friend forcefully pull the arms. Those methods take a long time to work, and are rather dangerous.

This program utilizes the kinesilogical stretching techniques to focus on various actions in the shoulder extension to quickly and effortlessly increase range of motion.

Overhead Shoulder Flexibility

Since a downward arm movement is very powerful, many muscles work in various ranges. They all need to be stretched properly. Majority of athletes try to get the overhead movement by pulling the arm overhead or worst behind the head, as hard as they can. This is rather painful and more often than not causes chronic inflammation in various tissues, including biceps tendon and suprispinatus tendon. Our proven program isolates each muscle of the shoulder joint and of the shoulder girdle. Every muscle action is used against it's own action to quickly create space. The whole procedure is fast and free of stretch reflex pain

Rotator Cuff

Often the rotator cuff injury come from lack of mobility in the scapula or the shoulder blade. For example poor upward rotation of the scapula is known to injure or even tear the supraspinatus tendon. Common rotator cuff stretches involve passive holds. This program uses kinesilogical stretches. Each rotator cuff muscle is isolated. Action vs action technique stretches the muscles, while minimizing the stretch reflex. At the same time the muscles remain fully alert and active. This allows for fast flexibility gains. In addition strength exercises are used. This allow to develop strength in deep ranges in order to protect the shoulder and transfer the flexibility into the skill. 

Wrist Stretches & Forearm Flexibility

Because of such a large use of the forearm, many specialized muscles were developed. Each one does a slightly different function. Our program does away with standard relaxed stretches. When working the hand and forearm too often general stretches don't hit every muscles, often neglecting the deeper ones, if the superficial are too tight. Our techniques focus on each muscle one at a time. ​ 

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