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Svarga Dvijasana - The Bird of Paradise Pose – EasyFlexibility
Svarga Dvijasana - The Bird of Paradise Pose

Svarga Dvijasana - The Bird of Paradise Pose

The Bird of Paradise is a beautiful looking pose. It is rarely challenging for an advanced student. However many beginner have no idea how to approach it. The requirement of this pose include, the upper adductors of the standing leg. On the lifted leg, the inner hamstrings and lower adductors need to be lengthened. Of the upper body the shoulders, upper trapezius and scapula protractors must be stretched.

Svarga Dvijasana - The Bird of Paradise Pose 

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This program contains two components. Each one supports the other. First there is a special progression, which allows to build up to the pose using easy, step by step advancement. Second there are Zaichik Stretching techniques focusing on each target muscle. Zaichik Stretching used action vs action of the same muscle to avoid the pain of the stretch reflex and get flexible very quickly. At the same time, each muscle is taken apart and stretched individually. Doing this allow to quickly spot the problem in the chain and focus in on it. Finally everything is put back together a complete pose emerges. Often the students feel a large difference just after one session.

Svarga Dvijasana - The Bird of Paradise Pose
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