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Shoulder & Upper Body Flexibility Training for Golf – EasyFlexibility

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Golf Swing is a unique technique. Very few other sport technique resemble the shoulder, hips, and spine demand during the execution of their technique. Both arms go through similar motion. The demand on the shoulders involves horizontal flexion and external rotation in flexed position.

Unrestricted range of motion in the shoulder allow for a number of factors.
1. Less carry over into more sensitive joints. Whatever range is lacking in the shoulder will have to be picked up somewhere else to make the swing work. This can be overstraining the hip, knee, ankle, ribs, lower back and even neck.

2. More wind up, thus more power. Like in any sport that involves accelerating an object, large range of motion allow more control, as well as precision and power.

3. Health and Longevity. The less restriction there is in a joint, the less wear and tear it has to absorb. Flexible joint means, possibility of playing the game longer, while enjoying it more.

​This routine take all the movers of the shoulder and shoulder joint involved in a golf swing and works with each one individually. By using Zaichik Stretching technique, space in the muscles is quickly created, but using various actions against each other. This allows quick gains in range of motion, without the typical unpleasant pain of standard stretching.  

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