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At the speed of 120 miles per hour of professional swing, this "low injury" sport has much as 33% back pain ratio. That means during a single year 1/3 people will have back pain playing golf.

As easy as the game may seem from outside, the stress placed on the back is humongous. One of the powerful ways to reduce the chance of back pain or injury is the flexibility in the hips. However golf specific hip flexibility. That's not doing splits or anything like but rather lengthening the key muscles, involved in the rotation of the hip in standing or semi-bend forward position.

At this time  golf instructors recommend the same stretches for golf, as they would for basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc. However general stretches don't target the specific fibers, which work the hip rotation in the golf swing.

Our program uses Zaichik Stretching techniques to isolate muscles and quickly stretch them, without standard pain felt during regular flexibility exercises. Increase range of motion in the hips, allows back to stay protected, instead of having to pick up the slack of tight hips.

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