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The Lotus Stretch has many benefits in its own right. It is known to relieve sciatica, helps to ease child birth, calm the brain and restore energy. Lotus Stretch requires deep lateral rotation in the hip joint. The thighs are abducted, but less than they are in the butterfly pose. Narrower position, take some pressure off the adductors and places them on the abductors. Such as gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Yogis strive to master this position, due its effect on the mind and its ability to keep the spine straight in the neutral position, while sitting on the floor. A comfortable lotus allows one to focus on breathing and meditation, without having to worry about the pain of the stretch reflex.
Outside of yoga, various athletes and performance practice Padmasana either for the visual effect of the pose or for the benefits that lateral rotation and hip flexibility brings to their skills. For example dancers and contortionists benefit from the beauty of the pose and related positions. While grapplers and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners utilize the pose for guard and various locks and choke applications. 

If you have ever tried the lotus or even seen someone doing, you know how difficult the position is. Many people spend years trying to fruitlessly master this pose. This is where Kinesiological Stretching Techniques come in.

Kinesiological Stretching works on the principle that no two muscles do exactly the same thing. And it's easier to stretch them one at a time, than all together. Each of those hard to stretch muscles is isolated and moved through all of their actions, bypassing the pain and discomfort of the stretch reflex. This allows the results to be evident immediately and to last after the workout is finished.

​The routine includes a specific warm up, a body of the routine consisting of proprietary kinesiological stretching techniques and a cool down. The only thing that is left is to start training for incredibly fast and easy results.

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