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Halasana The Plow Pose

​The Halasana or the Plow Pose is a true posterior chain stretch. It targets every muscle located behind the body. From the extensors of the neck to the flexors of the toes. The Halasana has many amazing health benefits. From regulating the thyroid to stimulating the abdominal organs. From releasing stress and fatigue to promoting good digestion.    

​Besides people seeking health benefits, many athletes can benefit from this pose. Dancers, gymnasts, grapplers, wrestlers, etc can improve their performance, owning to great posterior chain flexibility.

​The standard yoga method of mastering this pose involves starting in the shoulder stand and slow lowering the legs down. This method works very slowly. There are many muscles, that need to be stretched. When targeted together, much collective muscle resistance is offered. This results in very slow flexibility gains.

​Fortunatelly kinesiological stretching techniques specialize in focusing in on problematic muscles. Each one is taken apart and lengthened. Because the resistance is minimized, this is done very quickly. Action vs action of the same muscle group, allow to avoid the pain of the stretch reflex. One each muscle is lengthened, they are all put back together into a perfect Plow. Most people see a huge difference, in just one training session 

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  • Plow Pose
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  • 2Locust
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  • 6Bird Of Paradise
  • 7Locust Scorpion
  • 8Double Hamstrings
  • 9Lord of the Dance
  • 10True Front Split
  • 11Side Split
  • 12Plow Pose
  • 13Cow Face Pose
  • 14Eagle Pose
  • 15King Pigeon Pose
  • 16Elbow lever
  • 17Forearm Stand
  • 18Hand Stand
  • 19Kurmasana
  • 20Eka Pada Sirsasana



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