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Olympic Curling Flexibility Training – EasyFlexibility
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Olympic Curling is a rather unique sport. Strategy and precision make all the difference between going home empty handed or winning the gold medal.

At first glance it is easy to see why the Lead would need to be flexible. The closer this player is to the ground the better control line of view is open to him. At the same time flexibility in the lower body allows the lead to be most comfortable, and thus focus on the game.
The major muscle Curling Lead relies on are adductors, glutes and hip flexors. Many core and upper body muscles are used as stabilizers.

The other players may not need to be flexible at first glance. However, strong and flexible posterior chain helps the Second and Third to be in full control of the bodies as their guide the stone.

Unlike standard, outdated relaxed stretches our method relies on kinesiological stretching technique. Quick flexibility gains, avoidance of painful stretch reflex and quick transfer and improvement of curling skills is the hallmark of this method.

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