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Elbow Lever Progression for Strength Training and Yoga – EasyFlexibility

Elbow Lever Progression for Strength Training and Yoga

Watch Elbow Lever, Mayurasana Muscle by Muscle Breakdown.

Elbow Lever Skill Develops Many Muscle Groups

This position is traditionally known to strengthen abdominal organs. Anatomically it develops wrists strength and awareness. Back extensors also benefit from this pose.

Watch Training Program Trailer.

While strength is a component of this pose, flexibility is of utmost importance. Many people master this pose simply by developing flexibility in the scapula, wrist and shoulder without any additional gains in strength.

Our program takes you through complete development of the pose. While core and back are strengthened, much needed upper body flexibility is mastered. Most people master this pose in several weeks. Get Your Elbow Lever Program Today! 

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