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Eagle Pose, The Garudasana – EasyFlexibility

Eagle Pose, The Garudasana

​The Eagle Pose is very unique. It allows to stretch very commonly untouched muscle groups. The deep six external rotators in the hips and upper back and shoulders. The Garudasana has a wide range of benefits, from relieving asthma and lower back pain to improving concentration and balance. Further more it's known to bring blood and energy flow to reproductive organs.

Here you can watch the Garudasana Muscle Anatomy Breakdown:

Eagle Program Trailer

Because the Eagle Pose stretches the muscles, rarely touched by other poses, many people find it almost inapproachable. The already flexible, get into it with ease, while tight students struggle not knowing how to progress.

The approach of this program is very different from standard yoga approaches. Instead of using other Asanas to prepare, kinesiological stretches are used. This allows for quick break down of each muscle that need to be stretched in the pose. The tight one is isolated and quickly lengthened with muscle vs muscle actions. This allow to avoid stretch reflex and quickly gain flexibility. When the muscles are lengthened, the pose is put back together and progressed vary quickly to full Eagle Pose.

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  • 19Kurmasana
  • 20Eka Pada Sirsasana


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