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Cow Face Pose: Gomukhasana Flexibility Development

​Cow Face or Cow Head Pose, is called Gomukhasana in Sanskrit. This pose combines separate lower body and upper body lengthening positions into a single pose. When done on both sides, the Gomukhasana stretches virtually all the muscles of the shoulder and shoulder girdle. All the lateral muscles of the hip get the stretch as well.

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People who try this pose often brand it as very easy or very hard. The former usually being naturally flexible people. The ones that struggle, usually are beginners or have little natural flexibility.

​Standard yoga approach involves easy modification, which progress slowly to full pose. This method often works, but it's extremely frustrating and slow for most people. Either yogi has to endure a painful stretch reflex and struggle deeper into the pose or almost no progress can be seen over long period of time.

Kinesiological stretching takes a different approach. Each part of the pose (Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Hips) are taken apart into separate muscle groups. Each muscle is targeted individually. This speeds up the flexibility gains substantially. More over kinesiological stretching use action vs action of the same muscle approach (Very different from PNF). This approach allows to avoid the pain of the stretch reflex.

Following the kinesiological stretches, the pose is put back together, using simple direct progression. This method works faster, requires less effort and is much more pleasant than standard approach. Most people are able to break through the "tight spell" and achieve the Cow Face Pose in a very short period of time.

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