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Scorpion Kick-Martial Arts Technique & Flexibility Progression – EasyFlexibility
scorpion kick martial arts



A scorpion kick in martial arts is movement requiring large amount of flexibility. Strength is required, but more often than not, being very flexible can minimize the need for strength. This kick involves a full side split. It's best to master a side split first. If you are able to over split, this will be very beneficial as well. However if you can do a 180 degree side split, you can start working on this kicking technique.

​Scorpion Kick-Martial Arts Kicking Uses​

While not a fighting kick, this kick looks good in form (Patterns, Katas, etc). It is also an attention grabber in fight choreography or stage combat. Mastery of this kick also improves many other kicking techniques, due to it's advanced requirements.

This routine teaches a complete kick progression. From Zaichik Stretches to strength and balance build up needed for the kick. If you want to look fancy, while competing or while doing fight scenes, this kick is absolutely for you.                      

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