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Gymnastics Chest Stand – EasyFlexibility
Gymnastics Chest Stand

Gymnastics Chest Stand

Full Locust Pose is also called the Locust Scorpion Pose or Ganda Bherundasanain Yoga. This pose is a deep back bend. The uniqueness of this pose, stems from the fact that while the anterior muscles of the body are being stretched, the strength and control component is distributed between the front and back muscles of the body.

  • During the initial phase of the pose, the posterior muscles, such as spinal extensors, glutes and hamstrings, contract to lift the legs. The shoulder muscles assist.
  • During  the later phase, the anterior muscles eccentrically contract and lengthen, guiding the body into the deep pose.

The standard method of mastering this pose, is to build up the backs strength with low Locust Pose, while working on the anterior chain flexibility, using basic poses. This process takes a long time.

Zaichik Stretching Approach

Gymnastics Chest Stand

Our approach is different, we take each muscle used in the Locust Scorpion and take it apart, using Zaichik Stretching techniques. Than create space in each muscle, by using action vs action of the same muscle.

  • This greatly speeds up the flexibility development.

Gymnastics Chest Stand

  • This allows for maximum flexibility maintainance from one training session to the next.

Allowing the pose to be mastered faster and safer than ever. Using the techniques explained above, our program allows for quickest results.

Gymnastics Chest Stand

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