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Front Splits Stretches: The Importance of Lateral Hamstrings Stretching and Conditioning

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Lateral Hamstrings (Biceps Femoris) is one of larger hurdles to the True Front stretching for splits (Hips Squared) Front Split.

The exercise shown in this post is called Airplane Turn Ins. It targets the lateral hamstrings and it's one of many exercises in a category called "Extended Length Conditioning" (ELC).

While this exercise does build flexibility, its main job is to keep it. Most people get a little more flexible after warm up and stretches. Even with relaxed stretches.  It's no secret. The issue is "Staying Power".

Can you make that flexibility stay?

The answer for most people is "NO". If you could make your flexibility stay. You would reach your goals, in a timely manner. Unfortunately after stretching, nothing is done to maintained what is gained. And the next workout starts at the same place as the previous one.

ElasticSteel Method and EasyFlexibility System have solved this issue of lack of flexibility retention, with various techniques: Antagonist Short Length Conditioning (ASLC), Movement And Habituation (MH), Peripheral Conditioning (PC), Extended Length Conditioning (ELC), etc. "Airplane Turn Ins" is part of the later.

Just like Zaichik Stretching (ZS) Techniques (whose primary goal is flexibility development, so that other techniques can be used to maintain and use it) ELC is developed to isolate a muscle group when focus is needed.

Airplane Turn Ins uses the fact that the Biceps Femoris is stretched in the medial rotation and Horizontal Adduction, (plus hip flexion and knee extension). The techniques build up on flexibility gained through ZS and take the lateral hamstrings, through their full range with special focus on deep range. This allows the body adopt new flexibility as normal and natural. In effect allowing the next stretch session to start with more flexibility and end with more flexibility.

How Long Till I Get a Full Split?

To clearly understand this think of a Side Split or Straddle. If you start at 100 degrees, and end with 110 after the session. With correct training, you can start your next session at 102 and end up at 112. Two degrees are used as an example. At this rate. 180 degree straddle is achievable after 40 sessions. (180-100=80) (80/2 degrees per session=40 sessions).

Training every other day that is 80 days. Again, some people will progress faster and some slower, but this gives an idea of what is the purposes of maintenance. Of course add to  that  fast flexibility development using Zaichik Stretching Techniques as opposed to standard relaxed stretches and results make themselves visible quickly.

To try the Airplane Turn Ins:

  • Assume Warrior 3 Position.
  • Turn the hip of the lifted leg toward the floor.
  • Come back up.

Done properly this ELC will be felt in the outside part of the hamstring. With bent leg, the exercise can also be felt in the glutes. You can use extra resistance if needed.

Looking to develop hamstrings flexibility? Click Here: "How do I pick the right level for me?"


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