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Hamstrings Flexibility

These are a great programs to work on and even start with since hamstrings are such a major muscle group. The flexibility and strength level of your hamstrings affect and influence your performance in all your aspects of your life, not just kicks or splits, not just dance, gymnastics or martial arts techniques. Tight and weak hamstrings can cause a lot of troubles, the most well known being lower back pain.

How do I pick the right level for me?

In order to pick the right level you can do a simple test. Answer this question: can you reach your toes having legs straight either sitting or standing?

  1. If you are not at all close then the Beginner Level is for you.
  2. If you can reach your toes, or are almost there, then the Intermediate Level is for you.
  3. If you can place palms flat on the floor, and can't really feel a strong stretch or you do but you can hold it comfortably for 30 seconds, then the Advanced Level is for you.
  4. At Intermediate and Advanced levels one can also train for splits (click here).