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Soccer Lower Body Flexibility

Is flexibility important for soccer. From an untrained eye point of view? Not really. No one is doing deep lunges and most shots and passes take place at the waste level. So why stretch? The answer to this question takes into consideration a lot more than just the technical aspect of the skills. (Players are not required to kick above their head levels.) Rather the physiological aspect is considered. Running around, making swift turns and changes in direction takes the tall on the muscles. Muscle tighten up after 90 minutes of non-stop action. (Don't forget about the stress, and loss of electrolytes factor). Range of motion become smaller and smaller. The chances of injury increases.

​Since the skills are open you never know what position your joints will be in. You may have to reach the foot out further than normal range to reach the ball. This can often lead to injury. For reason it's recommended to have more range of motion, than baseline requirements.     

The program is based on Kinesiological Stretching techniques, combination of which is designed specifically for soccer. Unlike relaxed stretches, the muscles stay warm after stretching using kinesiological stretching techniques. At the same time the stretch reflex is avoided, so no pain is felt during stretches. This program was tested during the break between halves. Athletes reported feeling easier on their feet, more energetic and more in control. Besides that the program practiced before during or after the game improves overall performance.

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