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Rock Climbing Upper Body Flexibility – EasyFlexibility
Rock Climbing Upper Body Flexibility

Rock Climbing is rather open and unpredictable sport. It's unpredictability is usually what draw many people it. You never know where you hands and feet will have to go the next moment. Like all open sports, flexibility is the key. Mental flexibility as well as physical.

Upper body flexibility benefits the climber in many ways. Here are the three most important ones.

1. The reach. If the flexibility is lack in the shoulder the only way to make up for it, is to move the rest of the body. Sometimes that is possible, but sometimes it's not. If your shoulders are flexible, you don't have to risk losing a grip or a footing.

2. Deep Range Strength. This concept is sometimes referred to strength in every pocket. The more flexible you are the harder you can pull, especially from over stretched position. What good is an ability to place the fingers where they need to go, but to have no strength to pull the body.

3. Avoiding pain, injury and letting go. You may have very strong fingers, but they are connected to you through your arm. It's the weak link that gives.  If someone has the finger strength to hang, but the shoulder is outstretched and begins to hurt, chances are the fingers will let go. Having shoulder flexibility allows to prevent the pain in the shoulder and of course prevent a fall.

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