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Optimum Flexibility For Speed Skating
Speed Skating has a rather unique flexibility requirement. The extensors of the hip work constantly, both as prime movers and as stabilizers. However all other muscle surrounding the hip work at various moments. During various leg extension, depending on the angle adductors, abductors, glutes and hip flexors lengthen. Every degree of hip flexibility allows for less resistance from the antagonists, and thus higher percentage of energy conservation.

Ankle is another important joint in Speed Skating. An ability to have free and deep ankle Range of Motion, sharply decrease injuries. It also prevents, other muscles and joints from having to pick up the slack and overstrain.
Standard Speed Skating stretches involve either passive, relaxed stretches or dynamic light weight warm up. The former slows down the muscle contractions, and the later does not build long term flexibility.

Zaichik Stretching techniques take different approach. Each muscle is taken apart. Each is quickly targeted one by one. This allows to find where the tightness is and focus in on it. Because of Zaichik Stretching action vs action technique, the pain of stretch reflex is avoided. This allows for very fast flexibility gains.

Together with the flexibility exercise, skill specific strength exercises are shown. This allows to develop strength in deep ranges and direct it into the skill right away. Many of the athletes are able to become comfortable in deeper ranges and become more efficient skaters in very short time.

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