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Every player on the Football Field can strengthen his position and improve his skills, as the result of correct stretching. The lineman can lower their center of gravity and activate more muscle fibers. The offense and defense can improve balance and agility.

When talking about the offensive line, defensive line and line backers. Distance to the ground is the key. Every inch that a player can drop lower and produce force from that position, makes him more stable, more able to produce force.

​Flexibility is needed to be able to lower the center of gravity. Glutes, hamstrings, plantar flexors and lower adductors  are the key here. While the biggest guys need to be stable, the light and fast players need mobility, agility and speed. One of the largest key is angles. Flexibility component of agility is well understood, but is rarely trained. Being able to take a wide step at the right moment and quickly recover from it is what makes agility come alive. Flexibility is what allows those steps to be taken quickly and comfortably.

Unlike standard, outdated relaxed stretches our method relies on Zaichik Stretching techniques. Avoidance of stretch reflex, and action vs action joint articulations allow for fast flexibility gains. In this program we, also add various football positions specific exercises. These exercises allow the flexibility to be maintained and uses specifically for the skill needed by each player.

There are three clusters.
1. Lower Center of Gravity Multi-Direction Strength Developement. This cluster is for the defensive lineman, offensive linemen and line backers. Other players are encouraged to practice these exercises for general development. 2. Offensive angles. This cluster explains offensive angles and how to train them for the offensive players.

3. Defensive angles. This cluster goes over proper movement for the defensive players. While theclusters do not substitute for drills on the field, the flexibility exercise go a long way to make those skills count.

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