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Kettlebell Rack Position
Rack Position is used in Kettelbell (Girevoy) sport to rest and prepare the body for the overhead movement. Kettlebell rack position is a total body commitment. Shoulder joint, shoulder girdle, spine, hips and pelvis need optimum range of motion to master a perfect technique.


Originally coaches used light bells to work the technique. There was a belief that eventually proper technique will be established, as the bells get heavier. An opposite school of thought used heavy bells, believing that the body will eventually be forced into the proper alignment under the weight of the bells.

​Next generation of coached added basic stretching techniques. Sometime later massage and release came into play. The last two modalities helped, some but not all athletes. The reason why basic stretches did not work is because most are taken from other disciplines such as yoga. However the Kettle Rack Position is very specific and need direct work to master it. Further more often the focus must be on the areas of tightness and lack of awareness.

Unlike standard relaxed stretching techniques commonly used in lifting programs, our program employs Zaichik Stretching techniques.
Zaichik Stretching approach is different. Each muscle is targeted individually. At the same time using action vs action approach, stretch reflex is avoided. Avoiding the stretch reflex allows to eliminate the pain of stretching.

Moreover Zaichik Stretching allows the practitioner to pinpoint the problem. In other words, if only one muscle is tight out of the group, all the athlete has to do, is focus on that muscle and release it.

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