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Hurdles Strength & Flexibility for the Lead Leg – EasyFlexibility
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Hurdles Strength and Flexibility Training For The Lead Leg Anyone one who tried to get over the hurdle knows the importance of the lead leg flexibility. However lack of flexibility can do more than make you know over the hurdle. It can severely slow you down. Tight hamstrings force the hip flexors and quadriceps contract much harder. This both wastes energy and decreases the speed at which the leg is raises. Research shows that flexibility alone can increase overall speed.


Traditional flexibility training involves dynamic stretching as the warm up and passive cold stretching as the cool down. The problem with this method of training is that while dynamic stretching warms up the athlete, it does not increase various flexibilities needed for hurdling. This involves flexibility/strength combination in the short range for the hip flexors and quadriceps and long range. Former involves a smooth, effortless leap and latter safe and quick pushing off the lead leg, when hitting the ground.

Our program employs Zaichik Stretching. This allows to isolates the muscles specifically used in the hurdling. Due to action vs action stretching (not PNF), painful stretch reflex is eliminated, resulting if faster and easier flexibility gains. At the same time, the flexibility is backed up by strength exercises to keep newly gained flexibility and to utilize it in the hurdling biomechanics.

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