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Hurdles COMBO – EasyFlexibility
Hurdles COMBO
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This package contains the following programs:

  • Hurdles Leading
  • Hurdles Trailing

Hurdles Strength & Flexibility for the Lead Leg

Our program employs Zaichik Stretching. This allows to isolates the muscles specifically used in the hurdling. Due to action vs action stretching (not PNF), painful stretch reflex is eliminated, resulting if faster and easier flexibility gains. At the same time, the flexibility is backed up by strength exercises to keep newly gained flexibility and to utilize it in the hurdling biomechanics.

Hurdles Strength & Flexibility for the Trailing Leg

Trailing leg position is of often developed with various drills, most concentrate in lifting the leg over the hurdle. The main problem with this method is if one of the muscles is tight, it will hold back the rest. Zaichik Stretching takes the skill apart into participating muscle groups. Each one is lengthened separately using patented Zaichik Stretching techniques.At the same time, strength exercises are blended into the routine to retain flexibility and allow it to be optimally utilized in the target skill. 

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